Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo

I yelped when I found this on turns out Atlanta's not the only city with a natural hair expo.

The concept of a hair expo is still new to me -- I've only done journalism and dance conventions -- but the classes listed on the site look rather interesting. A few examples: "Basic Hair Braiding," "Adornment," and "Taking Your Hair to Another Level." (I'm reeeeally interested in the last one. Lol.) There's more information on the site --

Have you ever gone to a hair expo? A natural hair expo? What can a newbie expect?


McD's Apple Pie said...

There's another one happening in DC on the 18th too by Asaze. It costs only $5 so it's a good price.

Expect to meet a lot of nice people, to be entertained by the shows, and to find a lot of good products just for you. I was mad that I didn't walk with money the last time (I watch my budget closely), but this time I'm prepared to get me some earrings, loc adornments, and some natural fragrances ;-).

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durbigonia said...

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