Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sisterhood of the Spiraling Strands: Tara

This features Tara, one of my besties (hey boo!), and is looooooooooooooooooooooooong overdue. And because just because it's her, the answers come in pink. :o)

Age 26
Marketing Professional
Cincinnati, Ohio

Describe the fabulousness of your hair.

What's your favorite thing about your hair?
The thing that I love about my hair now is the same thing that I have hated about it for 25 years....the thickness. I always grew up hearing that my hair was too thick to do anything with, hence the relaxer that I wore from age 12-25. It wasn't until I got to college and a friend (hey Jazz girl!) looked at my hair after I had washed it and yelled at me after running her hands thru my hair that I realized that maybe I really didn't need the relaxer. From that moment on she made a point to inform me that "you don't need a perm, look at how soft and pretty your hair is". It still took a while before I gathered the courage to stop relaxing, but now that I have I love, love, LOVE running my hands thru my head full of curls. I promise there are millions of them, and I catch myself throughout the day twirling them around my fingers. I suppose it's just the newness of them but I love it all the same!

What's your favorite product to use? Why is it great?
Ha! Seriously are you asking me of all people this? I love sooooo many! Right now I have worked Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-in, QP Elasta's Mango Butter, Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-in, and coconut oil into my daily regimen. The combination seems to work to tame the frizz monster that resides at the crown of my head, gives me great shine, makes my curls soft to the touch and they smell FABULOUS together. It can't get much better than that!

What's your favorite style to rock?
My fav style right now is a coil out. I guess that's what you would call it. I let the back and sides air dry and I coil the top of my head around my finger, let it air dry half way and then use a hand dryer to get it the rest of the way dry while adding a bit of volume to it.

How long have you been natural? And how did you get there?
I chopped the last bit of relaxed pieces out in late October 08, so that means it's been just about 5 months.

How would you describe your hair's personality?
It definitely has a mind of it's own, but with a bit of tlc my curls lay just right.....until the warm humid months come. When this happens I just let it do it's thing and make sure that it has plenty of moisture.

What have you learned about yourself or your hair?
I've learned that natural hair, hair in general really, it not easy....and it shouldn't be. I think there is a myth that hair should be low maintenance and that the less you do the better it will be. Not true. Just like maintaining a healthy body, hair takes work and I'm learning that it's actually really fun to learn what my hair likes and what it doesn't like. It's also taught me to be more patient...and that's a hard pill to swallow!

What has surprised you most?
The fact that I can actually do this was the biggest surprise of all. I've talked about it forever but never felt that I was devoted enough to stick with it. I'm at the point now that I love my curls and couldn't imagine getting rid of them.

What are you still trying to learn?
A fast way to do my hair each morning!

And finally, tell us your favorite part about being natural. :o)
I love that fact that I don't have to be so anal about my hair any more. Anyone who knows me knows that I have always been more than touchy when it comes to my hair. If it doesn't look good, if it's raining, if it's humid, if the wind is blowing too hard....I'm not leaving the house....for fear of ruining my perfectly coiffed roller wrap. As corny as it sounds it's freeing to know that I am no longer a slave to my hair.


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she's so pretty. i love her hair!
it suits her SO well!

Miss Marche said...

I know, right?! My girl is too fly. :o)

Chai said...

Luv the cut, looks great on her!

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