Friday, March 27, 2009

Would You Rock It? -- Extreme Updo

It's big. It's bold. It's high and highly textured.

Just one question though...

Would you rock it?

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Bronze Trinity said...

I don't think I would. I love the curls but I don't like the updo. Its almost like a curly mullet!

Nicole said...

I do a variation of that style (my hair is way shorter), but I definitely would with some minor adjustments! I think it's fly

D Alexandra said...

ONLY because I would be scared my hair would get messed up. I'd be watching my every move all day just to keep it in place.

Miss Marche said...

Bronze Trinity ~ Business in the front, party in the back, eh? But... this looks like a party all over. Lol.

Nicole ~ It's definitely a scene-stealer.

D Alexandra ~ Seriously, I'd have an arsenal of pins in my pocket at all times... in addition to the 100 or so I would have already put in my hair.

Anonymous said...

I love this look. It looks regal.


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