Thursday, March 12, 2009

Charter Day = Formal Hair!

First, let me say, my roommate is the best. She scored two tickets to Howard's annual Charter Day Dinner! Wheeee! I've always wanted to be a good little alumna and go, but I just never had the chance to. Now I do. :o)

But you know what's even more exciting? I get to brainstorm formal hairstyles! Wheeeeeeee (again)! This, just days after Crown and Glory asked if natural hair could also be formal. ("Hecks yeah!" I said.)

So from now until Saturday (eek! Just two days!), I'll be looking for and posting ideas or inspiration for natural, formal hair. Feel free to leave me any suggestions too! And I promise to take pics once Saturday night rolls around. :o)

My first hit of inspiration... a feathered updo from the set of the new Mary Mary video...


Natakue said...

ooh, this is so fly!

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