Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Great Lustrasilk Debate: Shea and Mango vs. Olive Oil

If you obsess over the natural hair care blogs like I do, then you'd be familiar with the hoopla over Lustrasilk's Shea Butter and Mango Cholesterol Conditioner. It's orange, it's creamy, and every body loves it.

So on a recent trip to Sally's (to buy a comb that I didn't find), I picked one up, wanting to see what all the fuss was about. But, lo and behold, there was another Lustrasilk product sitting right next to it -- this one creamy, and green .. the Olive Oil Cholesterol Conditioner.

Oh boy. Decisions, decisions...

Then I decided, "What the hey. I'll get both."

I mean, at $2.79 each, there's no reason not to.

Not to mention, I just realized there are tea tree and aloe vera varieties too. (My roommate has the "herbal" version.) I have my eye on the aloe one... but that'll have to wait. I already have these two huge, brand-new jars of "stuff."

Anywhoo, I'll be comparing the shea butter Lustrasilk and the olive oil Lustrasilk as styling creams. I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for-- maybe some kind of hallelujah moment -- but if I figure out something groundbreaking, you'll know. :o)

Have you tried either (or any) of the Lustrasilk conditioners? What's your take?


T Dot said...

I have the mango one just because it had shea butter and I was looking for a deep conditioner. That being said, I actually hadn't heard about the debate over the two versions. I think the conditioner is aiight. It's cheap. It moisturizes. Beyond that, it's really not that serious. I think the only difference is really what mood you're in when you stumble into the beauty supply store -- want something fruity or not. And therein lies the decision.

Miss Marche said...

So you're saying... it all comes down to fruit.

Meanwhile, I pretty sure I made up the "rivalry" between the two all on my own. :o)

D Alexandra said...

the Shea Butter one is awesome. My hair has never experienced such shine. NEVER.

T Dot said...

I deep conditioned last night and dug around to find the Mango one I have. I scraped it clean and then applied Motions Deep Conditioner over it. Then I remembered: I do like Lustrasilk. For less than half what I paid for the Motions, I got just as much of a great conditioner. I usually mix it with something else (either another conditioner or some oil), and it serves as a good base. And the mango was quite tasty smelling. Hair came out great. Twisted and sealed with castor oil. Now my pillow cases are all greasy. Just figured I'd share.

Myne said...
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privledgednotspoiled said...

i have the aloe one and i use it as a leave in makes my hair feel relatively soft and moisturized

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