Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Go Look: Curly Nikki's Top 10

Anyone who follows the natural hair blogs knows that Curly Nikki is our own resident Oprah. When it comes to hair, the girl knows what she's doing.

Now she's blessed us with a Curly Nikki Top 10 on how to care for your natural hair. While Nikki has a mass of long, black, henna-blessed curls, her tips will work for just about anyone who's natural. My favorite: Treat your hair like fine lace.

What'd I say, ladies? Love your hair, and it will love you back.

Go check out Nikki's top 10 on Wes' Honey Brown Sugar (the ladies switch it up every now and then guest post on each other's blog.)


Val said...

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Val said...

Feels like a cold. I can barely type straight. :-) Please show support. Thanks.

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