Thursday, March 5, 2009

Glamour Mag: Natural Hair a "Do"

Well lookie here... Glamour calls natural hair one of the ten best beauty looks ever. :o)

From's 10 Best Hair & Makeup Looks. Period....

Few things are more beautiful than hair that isn’t fussed with. “I tell women of all textures, ‘Stay true to your ‘do, and stay true to you,’” says Linda Jones, author of Nappyisms (a book about African American hair). “It’s about being confident with yourself—that’s more important than a blowout!”

It's a promising move for Glamour, considering the brouhaha that erupted a few summers ago when a then-editor said Afros and locs were "no-no's" as corporate hairstyles. (I believe the quote was, "'No offense, but those 'political' hairstyles really have to go." Endearing.) Glamour has since gotten rid of the editor, issued a mea culpa and facilitated a roundtable discussion on race and beauty. Granted, not everybody found it to be a success, but I figure, small steps in the right direction, right?

All told, seeing a Fro'd sista as a Glamour "do" gave me a little something to smile about today.

What say you?


Bronze Trinity said...

I'd say they seem to have learned their lesson!

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