Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Awhile ago I shared with you guys that I was mulling over what to do next with the blog. I've finally decided to focus solely on the video aspect of hair blogging (or vlogging, if you will.)

That means not much more writing from me here on Highly Textured. I think my fellow bloggers will agree with me when I say the writing, formatting, finding and coding pictures takes A LOT of time. Going to video is simply SO much more efficient.

My YouTube channel is here: www.youtube.com/highlytextured

So thanks everyone who's been a loyal reader thus far. And don't hesitate to go through the archives (there's some good stuff in there!). I'm not completely abandoning this space, as I'll be posting my vids here. Just not as many words as before. :)

Love ya lots! (Oh, and if you have any questions or video suggestions, please, feel more than free to share!)

- V.
Wednesday, October 7, 2009

iCant Right Now.

As a person who spends her free time blogging about hair, I have to say...

...we have become WAY too obsessed with what other people do with their hair.

Live and let live. Discover, explore, experiment. Leave with what you like. And don't question someone else just because they like something different.

It's getting old. Seriously.

{end rant.]