Tuesday, March 3, 2009

V-Styles: The Accidental Roll

I tend to experiment when I get bored. This was the case last Monday, when I was off from work and decided to blow out my hair for kicks and giggles. I was going for the spiky, kinky-straight "rock star" look... I'm not sure how successful I was.

But then I started rolling. And pinning. And twisting. And pinning. And pulling. And pinning. And rolling and pinning some more.

This was the final result.

Taken after a wardrobe change for the concert. :o)

Roommate came home and squealed in approval. I wasn't entirely convinced, but I thought it was "retro-hip" enough to wear to the Mos Def concert that night. (Sidebar: Mos Def is so. damn. yummy.) I also wrapped it up and wore it to work the next day, though I didn't feel as hip as I did at the concert.

What say you, ladies? The verdict is still out -- I enjoy a good updo, but I wonder if a French roll look it a little too dated. I think the bump made it current, but what else could I do to make it simply fly?

(And please excuse the fuzzy photos... still figuring out this new camera....)


Gigi said...

Oh wow I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. You've just got a new fan.

Natakue said...

i squee'd just like your roomie when i saw the final outcome! i wish my experiments turned out like this. it looks really cool!

Miss Marche said...

Aw, thanks ladies! Okay, I'm putting this one into the files then. :o)

ktc said...

I like the roll (very cute, stylish, professional yet sassy), but truth be told I like the unfinished raw blow out too. I love big hair!

Nicole said...

LOVE the updo!! It looks very cute and versatile. I think it could be wedding hair. BTW, that is also a great topic to touch on. Black tie-ish/formal natural hair styles.

yours truly said...

so cute. would love to try this style one day.

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