Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Style Inspiration: Dancing With The Stars

My house is a house of dancers, so our lives aren't complete unless there's a dance show -- well, a good dance show -- to keep us entertained each week.

So of course, I sat up and tuned in when season eight of Dancing With The Stars premiered last night. And I found myself grinning in delight, not only because of the dancing -- but also because of the hairstyles.

Ballroom and television are two areas where hair and costumes must be over-the-top, and DWTS doesn't disappoint. And there were a couple of styles that will serve as inspiration the next time I have a formal event, or when I'm just feeling creative.

My favorite....?

... Melissa's sideswept updo. Not only is the girl a great dancer, but her hair rocked, especially with the oversize blue flower. And it seems easy enough to do -- a large, loose french braid in the front leading down to a low bun on the right side of the face.

Another cute look....

... Chelsie's double braids with the daisy accent. Super simple, and super adorable. (It's making me wish for spring to come even faster.)

And I gotta say....

...I was feeling the idea behind Lil' Kim's style. It's a large twist circling the crown of the head, with a metallic decoration woven throughout. The look was finished off with a rhinestone pin on the side.

The cool thing about styles like these is that they can be adapted and re-interpreted, no matter your length or texture. I want to try each of these on a good twist-out, though I think the Lil' Kim style would look especially cute with a curly 'fro.

Oh, and I promise, when I do try these, I will take pictures! :o)

Have you ever been inspired by flashy show styles?


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