Friday, March 20, 2009

Curl Alert: Alicia Keys

Grrrrrrr at Alicia. Not only because she has hair to die for, but also because she got to kick it with Fairy Fly Mommy First Lady Michelle yesterday as she visited high schools here in DC. (How do I keep missing these things?!)

Envy aside, I love that Alicia's switching it up and rocking the natural curl -- especially here in straight-laced Washington. It was refreshing to see on the nightly local news. Not to mention, that outfit was the hotness too.

Oh, and because we need our daily fix...


(Peep more pictures of Alicia and the First Lady here and here.)


Bronze Trinity said...

I am so glade she didn't relax her hair because she was wearing it straight for a while. I love her curls. I also think her body is mad sexy!

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