Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kiss (Condition) and Make Up

You know how they say no one is happy unless Mama's happy? Well, I've learned that Mama's not happy unless her hair is happy. And if the hair is happy, then Mama is happy, and everyone has permission to be happy again.

The egg conditioner turned out to be a good idea. Also a good idea: putting my hair into fat twists to dry. It helped my curls clump, and the placement of the twists turned my hair into a cute new style. Eeeeee! It's always good to discover new stuff for your hair repertoire.

It's a great day, so I'm going outside. You should get some sun today too. :o)


T Dot said...

What kinda twists did you do? Mine NEVER look that curly. It looks like you set them on rollers. Very nice look, Miss Marche. Nice indeed.

Fleurzty said...

It came out beautifully! You're right mama's not happy unless her hair is happy.

Miss Marche said...

T-Dot ~ I did seven fat twists -- one on each side of the head, one at the top center, four in the back. And no, I didn't use rollers on the ends -- just saturated them in castor oil and twirled them around my finger till they curled up on themselves. The fat twists were less about styling and more about letting my curls find each other and clump together. I took them out at about 80% dry, and so they more or less sprung back into their regular pattern (just clumpier, thanks to the fat twists). And seeing the ends was the best part of taking them out. :o)

Fleurtzy ~ Thanks girl! And yes, just because the hair is happy, the rest of my week is looking sunny already. :o)

Nicole said...

Ahhhh so cute!!!!

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