Monday, March 30, 2009

Kitchen Magician

So like I mentioned in the last post, I'm treating my angry hair to an all-out deep treatment today. I wanted to boost what would be my last "serving" of Elasta DPR-11 with some protein-y goodies. So I got off my butt and walked to the grocery store.

I came home and realized I had to make a decision.

Who shall I choose?

I went with the egg (which I already had, which means I didn't need to go to Giant in the first place). And I decided to use olive oil too.

I whisked the egg, added a teaspoon of EVOO (yummo!) and whisked some more. Then I poured it into the DPR jar, mixing it all together with a fork.

Hmmm, I thought. I think I want something more.

I went with a teaspoon of molasses (in hopes of shine) and a few drops of jojoba oil.

It smelled kinda funny. And the mixture turned out to be a significantly thinner consistency than I usually like in my deep treatments (I like em' thick!). It was almost like cake or muffin batter.

But a curious thing happened when I applied it -- the mixture seemed to thicken up as I worked it through my sections of hair, almost as if my strands absorbed everything else and left the DPR behind.

Sitting under the dryer now. Will update. :o)

Update #1: She's rinsed. She feels stronger, albeit a little stiff. Time to drench her in Giovanni Direct Leave-in.

Update #2: I wasn't playing when I said "drench." I used the GDLI and sealed with castor oil. I also made a slight adjustment to my style-and-dry routine and made fat twists out of my sections. I'm going to let it air dry and likely take it down tomorrow.

I hope my hair will be happy in the morning. If she is, this deep treatment will become a part of my regular routine. :o) What home-made concoctions have you tried?


D Alexandra said...

post results. this post is fascinating.

Nicole said...

I've made up a shea butter based moisturizer with a bunch of different essential oils, aloe vera, and some other things in my kitchen. I love how soft it makes my hair feel. My (white) friend with straight/wavy thick hair asked to use it as a pre-poo treatment and/or conditioner; I said okay but she'd want to probably rinse it out(all I see is all that shea butter going down the drain, but whatev. She texted me at 6:30 this morning to tell me how much she loved it. I saw her later and her hair was softer and didn't seem to have any dandruff (she has dandruff issues). How about that craziness; sometimes I think we're ahead of the curve.

Miss Marche said...

D Alexandra ~ I sure will. :o)

Nicole ~ Indeed! (Though I haven't gotten to shea butter yet.) After I made this mixture I had the urge to sit all of my friends down and slather it in their heads... though there's a slim to none chance that they'd actually volunteer. Lol.

Fleurzty said...

I wish I came here earlier today. I washed my hair 4-5 times since Sat. evening. It was not acting right, not until I called in the butter reinforcements :)

ktc said...

Given the advice of my aunt (who was rocking a serious afro in the 70's), I put a mixture of olive oil, castor oil, egg yolk and vinegar in my hair and left it in for an hour. Then, washed it out and continued hair life as usual. Using it consistently for 3-4 weeks is supposed to leave my hair softer and shinier. Alas, I'm in grad school and haven't been consistent with its application. I did like it though. This post has inspired me to try it I can update the BHT community.

Miss Marche said...

Fleurtzy ~ Four or five times?! Geez louise, you're a good one, because I would have tied on a scarf and called it a day. Lol. But it sounds like it worked out. If you ever try my experiment, be sure to let me know. I'm curious about how it will work on other heads.

KT ~ That sounds like a great mix... though I'm not sure what the vinegar is supposed to (though I've seen it in other egg recipes too). But yes, I need to you to be consistent boo. And let me know how that turned out too!

T Dot said...

I deep conditioned last night (and took those twists out of my head) and took a cue from you and KTC. I mixed an egg, some castor oil, some olive oil, some apple cider vinegar and a little bit of my motions deep conditioner and applied to it my head after washing.

(I did some investigating, vinegar is supposed to make your hair shiny and softer, V. That's why it's used in homemade rinses and whatnot.)

Anyway, I let it air dry in a pouf and when I got up this morning, I will admit my hair was a lot softer than it usually is when I air dry. I think I'll be keeping this in my routine! (even though it does get a little messy.)

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