Monday, March 9, 2009

Curly Paparazzi

One of my main reasons for starting Blessed and Highly Textured was to find and share fun and funky hairstyles for natural chicks. And I've been experimenting a LOT lately, finding some great styles that have become my new favorites. But here's why I'm super wack -- I've been so excited about running around the city with my hair that I haven't taken any pictures!

I know, I know. "Shame on you, V! SHAME!"

Luckily, my friends are camera-ready, so my "styling for the blog" efforts have not been in vain.

This was an afternoon outing to the National Museum of American History. Inspired by this style, I made a single flat twist in the front and pulled the rest back into a puff, decorating it with a metallic silver double headband (which had slid back a bit when the pic was taken).

And below is a vid of me goofing off with my boy Chris at a random Saturday basketball game, featuring another new favorite style.

It's a 'fro with two flat-twists in the front. If you can't make it out on the video, I made the little police composite sketch over here on the right to illustrate more clearly.

(Admit it, you love my lined notebook paper. You know you do.)

So there, I've atoned for my negligent blogger sins. :o) What styles have you tried lately? Have you found a new favorite?


Gigi said...

YES, shame on you!

D Alexandra said...

LOVE THE POST! I'll be dropping by frequently.

T Dot said...

That's a good sketch actually. Let me find out you highlight as a police sketch artist.

Fleurzty said...

Nice sketch, you have some talent! The style came out great!

Miss Marche said...

Gigi ~ Dang, it's like that? *hangs head in shame*

D Alexandra ~ Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. :o)

T Dot ~ (*lowers voice*) There's a lot of things you don't know about me... I kid, I kid. But yeah man, I was an art major in middle school. :o)

Fleurzty ~ Thanks! Although I feel like my sixth grade art teacher Ms. Hockenberry would gasp in horror at the use of notebook paper. Lol.

labelfreementality said...

That sketch would be a awesome logo!

Natakue said...

i love the way you write! you have me cracking up! i'm catching up on the posts i missed these past few months and am having a great time and taking copious notes...on lined paper. (and i know what you mean about the lined paper since my art professor would consider it sacrilege and run screaming out the room, haha!)

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