Monday, March 2, 2009

Accessories! EEEEE!

In the YouTube world, they'd call this a haul. Not sure why, but that's what it's called. Anywhoo, my two boxes from Forever 21 arrived today (actually, they were thrown down the steps by the delivery man, but whatever) and I was soooo happy!

Yes, I'm being a complete and total goon over accessories. But that's what I do, I gush over accessories -- especially CHEAP accessories. I don't know if you heard, but there's a recession, people! So if I can score a few cute earrings and some adorable hair accessories for not a whole lot of cash, then I'm celebrating.

The ear jewelry, of course, must be big. This is a preference I developed way back in fifth grade. (They're shown here with my faithful tube of L'Oreal Colour Juice so you could see exactly how big they are.) Roommate took one look at the jingly gold coin earrings and said, "Do I need to hear you walking down the street?" She did, however, eventually concede that they were all cute.

Also... headbands! I've been wanting a feather headband for a while, and I got the pink one simply because it's so bright and over the top, and because it'll be perfect for spring.

And I can't forget my little roses! I gushed when I pulled them out of the bag, because I didn't realize how small they'd be... but they're soooo friggin' cute! I've already decided to clip in three at a time.

So yeah, today was the perfect day for my new toys to arrive. There's eight feet of snow outside (okay, not really, but there might as well be), which gives me more than enough reason to stay inside and play with some new pretty. :o)


Natakue said...

thanks for explaining haul to me. i've been trying to figure that out for like a month now, haha!

why did your delivery man do that? the only way that is acceptable is if it's like in the beginning of ace ventura where he's flipping and kicking the package down the hall like a soccer ball, haha! go all out with it! =P

very cute accessories!

Miss Marche said...

Natakue ~ HA HA! Right. If you're going to manhandle my package, at least leave a dent or something, right? Lol! And thanks!

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