Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Formal Inspiration.

The Internet is great. Thanks to a commenter on Crown & Glory's formal hair post, I was led to a post on Rock Your Natural with wedding-ready styles. Granted, I'm not going to anyone's nuptials, but the styles could definitely work for black-tie events too.

I also ran across a site for a natural hair salon in Houston, called Natural Resources. If you browse through the pages -- not just the portfolio page -- you'll see a number of elegant styles for textured hair.

Mane and Chic also has a great collections of posts featuring bunned hairstyles.

This is exciting! Now I'm wishing I had more events coming up so I can try everything. *sigh* Ah well... it's not gonna stop me from looking. :o)


yours truly said...

thanks for the link. i'm not near where the salon is but i'm forever looking for links with nice hairstyles and i didn't feel like buying a mag to get it, lol.

ktc said...

So what did you end up doing for Charter Day?

Miss Marche said...

Ah yes. There was no Charter Day. I must update everyone. Lol.

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