Saturday, March 21, 2009

Feathered Friend.

I finally got one.

Ribbon Wrapped Feather Headband from Urban Outfitters.


labelfreementality said...

Very pretty but if there's a Michael's or Jo Ann's near you this could easily me made on your own

labelfreementality said...

Sorry typo I meant be not me =]

Miss Marche said...

labelfree ~ I know. But I feared that I would botch the whole attach-the-feather-to-the-headband part and end up with a glob of glue. :o)

Nadienne said...

AHAHA! I just spent 2 days shopping @ UB! Went in one day, returned today and I've seen those headbands! They were really cute :) I was just pausing to look @ some and this woman ran up to me after asking which of the three she should get to match her 'outfit'...which was at HOME lol... so yeah, she described, in detail, what it looked it... love that place; got a new purse & 2 belts! woot :D

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