Monday, April 6, 2009

Random Veronica Thoughts

The disjointed randomness (is that redundant?) going through my head right now...

1. I really want to say thank you and "I lub you!" to all the blog readers, commenters and followers. You guys are great, and I really, truly appreciate the support. I just wish Blogger had an efficient way for me to contact all of those in the follow box over yonder --->
Like, there's no "E-mail All" or "Contact Followers" function. Wouldn't that make so much more sense? BOOOOOOOO to Blogger! Anywhoo, thank you guys. Seriously. :o)

2. It's almost been a week since I last did my hair and the curls... are still... POPPIN'!!! My theory? Blame it on the ca, ca ca ca, ca castor oil... I think sealing with the castor, air-drying in fat twists, and, of course, donning the bonnet is what's given my curls their longevity this week.

3. I'm formulating (in my head) a post on people touching my hair. My conclusion: I don't really mind it... that much....

4. My jeans are incredibly wrinkled and tattered and holey today... but they're soooooo comfy. And yes, I'm wearing them outside the house. Shamelessly.

5. Pray for Italy, y'all. And the world in general. For real.

6. Meanwhile.... Give someone a high-five today. Doesn't matter what for. Just find a reason. :o)

Another Sisterhood of the Spiraling Strands is coming tomorrow. In the meantime, keep it funky... and kinky. :o)

Word, son. Fa real.

Heh heh heh...


Anonymous said...

Blame it on the ca, ca ca ca, ca castor oil...

LOL too funny!

Miss Marche said...

Lol... I can be a little nutty sometimes... :o)

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