Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm Baaaaaa-aaaaaaaaack!

Omigosh, loves! The premiere of Obsessed was incredible! I had such a good time in New York, even if the trip was shorter than I would have liked. To give you a quick run-down...

The hotel: Swanky.

The eats: Delish!

The celeb-spotting: Insane! (I hate acting like groupie, but once I saw Michael Ealy and *gasp* *faint* *swoon* Idris Elba... it was a wrap.)

(Speaking of Idris...I wonder how the Tall Chocolate Strawberry feels about curly hair... hmmm....)

And the movie: Actually pretty good! No one believes me, but we came away mostly satisfied and pretty friggin' entertained. I really think the studio somehow picked the dullest parts of the movie to put in the trailer -- maybe to lower expectations -- but the flick turned out to be pretty nice.

OH! And the queen, the one, the only Beyonce?

Fab. U. Friggin'. Lous.

But you all know how I feel. The woman can STILL do no wrong by me.

A few pics below!

Getting ready in the hotel

On the (little) red carpet... after the movie....

You see that? That fine chocolate specimen to the right? That, my friends, is the prototype. Yes MA'AM.

Oh, and I have to give a disclaimer... I've worked in radio for years and met a fair share of celebs and cool people. Decorum is the name of the game, and I was taught to be cool, unfazed, and never, EVER gush.

But gosh... I sure was gushing this time around. HARD.

So please excuse me while I get all this excitement out of my system. It's such a foreign feeling, and yet it's happening so naturally! Lol. I'm going just bear with myself and ride it out. And I'll be back to my regular blogging schedule sooner than you can say Idris.

Oooh... Idris....


Ms. Akoma said...

We both know who I would be a groupie for...Michael Ealy is DEF in that Top 10!

D Alexandra said...

LOVE your dress! Where can I swagger jack that?!?! LOL.

Miss Marche said...

Ms. Akoma ~ Word.

D Alexandra ~ Thanks love! I actually got at Ann Taylor Loft (on my lunch break, the day before... lol). Here's the link: ... oh, and I added the belt.

LongHairDontCare said...

y'all must've had SO much FUN!!!

i think i'm a little j!


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