Thursday, April 2, 2009


There's a piece of gum in my diffuser.

I picked it up while straightening my room and heard something sliding around inside it. "Does this diffuser have parts?" I wondered.

Turned it up... slide. Turned it over... slide. Turned it left... slide. Turned it right... slide.

I got a closer look and saw a glimpse of the green Trident wrapper.

Really? Gum? In my diffuser?


I've been struggling to get it out for the last 15 minutes.

Only me.

Thank goodness I've been air drying. Otherwise I would've gotten a sticky -- and minty -- surprise.


Tara Jean said...

"only you" doesn't even begin to grasp the tips of this situation ;-)

Miss Marche said...

Hush Tara! Lol!!!

Natakue said...

how in the world...?

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