Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blessed and "Obsessed"

What do Beyonce and I have in common (aside from both, at one point, rocking curly, fire-red hair)?

We're both going to be in New York tomorrow for the premiere of her movie Obsessed! Woot woot!

Yeah, so I definitely won this random contest at a random party last week (by doing the "Single Ladies" dance of all things... shameless, I know), and now me and my "fake wifey" Lynnette are heading up to Manhattan to see the premiere screening tomorrow.

Color me excited. It's the first time I've won anything since I scored free tickets to Fern Gully when I was a kid. (By the way, I never really enjoyed that movie. Too serious to be a cartoon to me.)

Part of the package includes a stay at the Hudson Hotel, which my friend Nadea tells me is super swanky. (She's tagging along so she can go to the bar.) The only unfortunate thing is that I have to cut the three-day trip in half, since both Lynnette and I have work obligations this week. (Drats!) However, I fully intend to enjoy my time in New York, regardless of how abbreviated it is this time around.

I kinda want to get glammed up, but I've never done a New York premiere before. I'm just a lil' old news producer in D.C., so this will be a whole new scene for me. What's the protocol here? O.M.O., Wes... could you ladies help me out? :o)

My mind is definitely racing, trying to figure this all out before we leave Washington this evening. But please believe I'll be snapping pics and taking photos. I might not be around the blog till I get back, but I will be updating on Twitter. Follow me, baby. :o)


His Daughter said...

wow that is so cool, have fun.

Nicole said...

Many congrats I hope you have a lot of fun! Say hello to Idris for me!

PS: Fern Gully was awesome. Batty was amazing. lol.

T Dot said...

Congrats, V! Enjoy NYC!

(And I gotta second Nicole -- I LOVED Fern Gully.)

jessicasfsu said...

Sounds fun! Dang I wanna see that movie (minus beyonce). Let me know how it is!!

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