Monday, April 13, 2009

A Video: On Men and Natual Hair

I made a video earlier today discussing men and natural hair, in response to a video posted by Erin of Naturally Scandalous. She was talking about the types of men she attracts now that she has locs, and I thought it was quite an interesting (and amusing) subject to talk about. So peep my video below... and if you want to see Erin's, click here.


Sei'Lani Britagne said...

yay! go naturals! haha I love the curly hair. always have. straight hair is just flat and boring to me. I chopped all of my hair off recently for so i can go my 2nd time going natural (i had a lot of color and heat damage) and i love it. love my twa haha now i don't have to stair absentmindedly at other peoples curl patterns, i can just go in the mirror.

Beautiful haah loved the vid :)

Tara Jean said...

My dear you are hilarious...and I know this was not meant to be a funny post...but I laughed all the same. You talked to your readers just like you would if we were having a (loooong overdue) girl chat on the couch...mind wandering man day dreams and all! "Whew Chile" Lol! Love it!

I can't say that I've seen a difference in the type of man that gives me an extra look now that I'm natural...I too for some odd reason lure in men twice my age. I don't get it. Nothing could be more random!

Oh, and I must say that I love, love, love post '06 don't give a care Veronica. She makes me smile ;-)

....and GO BENGALS....BOOOOOOOOO Steelers

Tis all!

Nicole said...

Ok so I live in DC too and definitely know what you're talking about; AND I'm with you about the older (old) guy thing! I've experienced that too...way to often. LOL!

DaniColoredGlasses said...

I think that the response that you get from having Natural hair depends on where you reside. I'm in south Florida & have been natural since my HU/AphiQ days in '03. My current guy is younger and has actually never dated a woman with a relaxer. The guys I dated in DC had never dated a 'natural' girl. Maybe I'm an exception?

Chris said...

As a guy (please don't kill me!), I've never been a big fan of telling a woman what to do with her body or basing an attraction to her off of certain things.

I'll keep it 100, because I know no other way, I've hooked up, dated, lusted after, women with all kinds of hairstyles, each being unique to them and who am I to challenge her individuality?

Unless she was trying to bring back the flourescent-colored "Crush On You" wigs, I don't see hair as being any kind of dealbreaker.

Miss Marche said...

Sei'Lani ~ Thanks love! And yes, it's much fun falling in love with your hair. (Do you know about Hand-in-Hair Syndrome? You learn about it soon enough. Lol.)

Tara ~ Veronica 2.0 is fun. I like her. :o) And yes, I STILL don't get the old-man thing. Although someone on YouTube said that most of these men grew up in the 1960s and 70s, when naturals were hot... so they're just trying to reclaim their youth. Lol!

Nicole ~ You feel me?! I'm saying, can a chick get a date... and not with a grandfather?! Ha!

Dani ~ You're opening minds across the country. Lol.

Chris ~ That's what I'm talking about! (And ain't no one gon' kill you. Lol.) That means you're one of the cats I was talking about in the video... appreciating all shades and shapes of a woman. You get a gold star. :o)

Anonymous said...

Frat... I have to say my fiance met me with my curly fro and he loves it. In fact I try to do other things like press it, tracks, and other styles but he is begging for the fro. I remember the red hair and I have to say loved it. BUt, its funny how we all went natural around the same time. I'll never go back.

Anonymous said...

I was in waiting room once, and I picked up an issue of Ebony. I was flipping through it, and I found this one little feature. Some news anchor whose name I forget now, had recently gone from relaxed to natural. And they had these before and after pictures. In the before, she just had straight, highlighted hair. A bit longer than shoulder length, with that honey brown streaked stuff going on. And she looked all right. Generic, but all right. After picture? Goddamn, she looked amazing.

I'm white and clueless and not really sure what to call the style she had going on. It looked kinda like bantu knots, maybe some kind of mini afro puffs? Again, I wish I knew her name so I could find a picture, but the point was, it was totally natural, dark dark dark, and absolutely beautiful. The long hadn't done a thing for her. Hell, it had pretty much covered her face, and without all that crap in the way she was so beautiful. Gorgeous eyes, elegant collarbones, a really pretty neck, all that good stuff.

Best part? She had been afraid to do it because of ratings and people freaking out and all, and ratings spiked when she did it.

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