Monday, April 20, 2009

Stalling on the Fat Twists

Hey loves,

Okay, so I promised a video on how I put in and take out my fat twists, but I'm going to hold off that for just a quick minute. Why? 'Cause my ends have been tangling, and I need to figure out how to prevent that.

Basically, I've noticed a few more tangles and knots in my hair in the two weeks that I've used fat twists as a styling method. And that makes me a bit sad, because otherwise, fat twists have been so good to me! (*whimpers*) But, I can't bring myself to show you guys anything that might give you knots. It's just not right.

So, soon as I figure out how to keep my twisting tangle-free, I will let you guys know. And THEN, I'll be more than happy to show you lovely people the way. :o)



T Dot said...

Maybe it's time for a trim? When my two strands get all tangly (like now) I know I'm overdue for a snip.

Miss Marche said...

I think so too. Looks like I have to make an appointment for next week at Salon Revive. :o)

Laquita said...

I also agree with the trim - I experience the same thing when I need one :o)

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