Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Meditation

Today's Monday Meditation isn't a quote, but a post by another blogger.

Todra over at Makeup Theory Workshops has a great post about the way women zero in on their flaws and neglect to celebrate their beauty. It's some good food for thought, so click here to read.

Oh, and make sure to smile and make somebody's Monday a little bit brighter. :o)


Makeup Theory said...

Thanks so much for this link love. You asked how to accentuate your lips - the best thing to do is play in lip colors and textures (glosses, mattes, stains, etc.) to see what looks hot. Don't be afraid to step WAY out of the box. I remember when I was on a shoot with Lancome many years ago. At the end of the day, they tossed me a Tweety Bird yellow lip gloss. Um, thanks? Girl, that became my favorite gloss! I would NEVER have walked into a store and bought that on my own. Try all kinds of crazy colors. If you hate them, you can always wipe them off. Have fun. Post pix.

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