Friday, May 8, 2009

You Know What Sucks?

...not having your camera charger.

I have been looking for the blasted thing for two weeks now, and I can't. Find it. ANYWHERE. ARRRRRRRGH!

Clearly, this is frustrating me in a number of ways. I can't take pictures of the randomness that happens from living in DC (exhibit A: Car Afire). I can't take video of my precious kids in dance class (exhibit B: Les Petites). And worst of all, I CAN'T TAKE PICTURES OF MY HAIR!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHH! This is SO not cool, especially since the twists have been a big hit this week and I've been rocking them with everything from a flower to a scarf.


Help me, please. Someone pray that I find my camera charger. Or else I might lose my sanity.


Nicole said...

That happened to me once. I called the camera company and got my camera upgraded for like $100 and all the camera accessories came with it e.g. camera charger.

Butterfly73 said...

I would be going crazy also...I find that now I got digital camera that I keep it in my bag all the time like my cell phone. lol

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