Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday 'Fro: My Own

I haven't been posting style pics lately because 1) my life has been a tornado and I always forget, and 2) I can't find my camera charger so I couldn't take good pics if I wanted to anyway! Argh!

But did use my cameraphone to snap today's curly 'fro (and yes, in the ladies' restroom at work, don't judge me), because I was waaaaay too excited about it.

I used a glycerin/water spray and Heather Nicole's technique (here's Part 1 and Part 2) to do it last night, and I'll probably have to do it again with a better-holding product to get one more day out of it.

But hey, here it is. Don't ever say I never gave you anything. :o)


Laquita said...

Wow it looks wonderful :o)

Kcurly said...

Very cute!!

Nicole said...

Looks great! FYI I've been having trouble getting more than a day or 2 (barely 2) out of my curly fro, but this time I sealed DevaCurl's Set-it-Free instead of castor oil, and I'm on day 3. I'm definitely not giving up castor oil, but just another thing to add to the arsenal.

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