Thursday, May 14, 2009

Product Junkie Peer Pressure

A message for all you hair and beauty bloggers out there:

Stop making me buy stuff!

Stop it, I say!!!

The Internet is a beautiful thing. People build communities and establish friendships and share expertise. But dammit if that doesn't come with a price. And that price is what you pay when you run out to buy a product another blogger is raving about.

It's insane! I never knew I could be so easily influenced! Malleable, that's me. Scandalous Beauty sang about Kissable Couture, so I upped and ordered a set. Fafinettex3 raved about Revlon Colorstay, so I got some of that too. I ordered fifty bucks worth of discounted Lorac products thanks to ItsMsHeatherNicole, and went back for more when I realized they added more the clearance section.
I'm becoming a one-blogger stimulus package. Someone may need to confiscate my laptop and my check card.

Stop telling me about all these great products! Stop it, I say!


Have you fallen victim to product junkie peer pressure? What have you bought because of it?


Butterfly73 said...

lol...where do I start?
I blame y'all (lol) for my product junkiesm...
It started with Carol's Daughter, KCCC/Knot today, Hello Hydration, Suave Coconut, Totally Twisted (HH's curly sis) IC Fantasia, Wet Set Pudding, Pantene R&N, spray bottles...and the most expensive grandmamma of it all...Miss Jessie Curly Meringue and Curly Buttercreme...
and this is all on my dresser
*straight face* LOL

keisha said...

i'm always slow to adopt new things because i like to wait and see reasonably long-term results. if i am going to make an investment, i want it to be a good one. that being said, i have taken the plunge and purchased...

cantu shea butter leave-in, bentonite clay, coconut oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, giovanni direct 50:50 conditioner, jamaican mango and lime leave-in, hair butters, henna, amla, hello hydration, trader joe's nourish spa. so far, everything has worked very well for me!

ktc said...

After your hair accessories blog, I went a little giant flower/feather/netted hair piece crazy at the Forever 21 knock off Love Culture at the mall. Thanks for the inspiration. While my credit card loves you, my checking account isnt so happy.

Anonymous said...

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