Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In Other News: Jewels and Diamonds

A lot of us watch the First Lady like a hawk, and some instinctively so, since we work in the business of watching people. But somehow, in the all the hubbub over clothes and royal protocol, we missed this when the Obamas were in London over a month ago.

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Afia said...

Wow..that brought tears to my eyes..yeah..why can't we see more stories like this..the First Lady and President Obama are such good and kind-hearted people..exceptional role models for black children everywhere..well I should say for all are very genuine and flock to goodness and kindness..she is just phenomenal..

Butterfly73 said...

She is absolutely fabulous!

Nicole said...

It's so wild because when I watch her I feel just as excited and honored as those kids feel. All of those years of having to deal with people saying I don't "act black" were totally worth it. I mean, they always were worth it, but to see someone like Michelle Obama on the world-stage...I dunno, it's just more than nice to see.

AphiQprincess said...

I agree with everyone, that definitely made me emotional. I think that what she does, just makes me think every little bit counts.

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