Friday, May 15, 2009

Naturally Fly: Luam

Four words: The girl is BAD.

Luam's a dancer and choreographer currently living in New York. I've been following her work and taking her classes (when she's in DC) for a few years now. My two favorite things about her: Her hair (of course), and the fact that she quit her corporate tech job at Time-Warner to start her dance career.

All those ladies looking for inspiration to follow your passion, here's one: In the interview below, Luam shares that her family had big plans for her to become a doctor. The Eritrea native enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a degree in neuroscience. She went to New York for a corporate job, but started taking classes in her spare time....

Now she's a hip-hop powerhouse. She's choreographed and danced for a number of stars, she's taught workshops across the globe, and she's launched a line of dance-inspired streetwear called under the name Wildchild Nation.

Luam's definitely an inspiration (for me at least -- and a ton of other dancers). Check the SceneInteractive profile of her below.


Phone Sex Girl said...

been looking at her work for a while also. She is fly...and love love love her hair...gorgeous!!

Jai said...

Never heard of her until today, sista is very talented. She needs to come to Florida so I can take her class, looks like a good workout.

ValeriesWorld said...

Lovely girl and lovely hair and I wish her every success!

Mitchell to Oliver said...

I absolutely love Luam, I took one of her master classes in Baltimore and choreography is siiiick!!!And I looove her hair! Your blog and her are my inspiration as I go through transition, so thank you!

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