Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This week... FlexiTwists

Watch the vid. :o)


Butterfly73 said...

I think the twists set on rods are really cute...and adding the flower is nice.
I got to do that...play up something of my features this week.

Afia said...

They are soooooo cute..u are so funny..that was some good advice..I think I will start trying to play up my eyes..they are hazel..but don't really know how to..I am not a makeup queen..lol

AphiQprincess said...

super super cute.. I wish I had patience to do, but I think I may pick a weekend and just sit and do it. You are always super fab, but where did you get your flowers?

Jess Jones said...

LOL. Love the notes before the film. Hilarious!

keisha said...

the twists came out so cute! fyi...if you get tired of sleeping in rods, you can tie down your bonnet with a scarf to minimize the frizz.

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