Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hey loves.

I haven't forgotten about you all, I promise.

I have just hit a complete and utter wall.

Like... *THUD.* Yeah, just like that.

I adore this blog and each and every one of you, which is why I want to make it a valuable resource for you all. I don't really like yapping about anything unless I have a point.

Which is why I've been posting so sporadically the last few weeks. When it comes to hair, what's new to talk about? I certainly don't want to re-hash the same ol' conversations that have been going on around the web for years, so what's next?

With more and more women big-chopping, curls and coils are definitely working their way into the mainstream. So I want your opinion... what do you see next in the world of natural hair? What's on the horizon for curls and coils?


Nicole said...

You know, I've been hearing ALOT about "curl specific" products (Hair Rules, Ouidad, Oyin, DevaCurl, Curl Junkie, Miss Jessie's, Kinky-Curly, etc). Some have been around longer than others, but there seems to have been a huge surge of products targeted towards people with kinks and curls; promising to define, moisturize and defrizz. Although I pretty much stick with DevaCurl conditioner, shea butter, and castor oil and am NOT looking to be a product junkie; I'd like to know more about these brands, especially the newer ones, and how they've worked for people. If something works well, I want to know about it. That may be something you might want to tap into.

Fina said...

I would really like to see more of your hairstyles and how you achieve them!

I liked your fat flat twist video and as I was watching it I wondered why you sprayed them first to dampen them. But then when I remembered how they came out when I did them and had an AHA moment!

keep up the good work. i hope u find ur changer soon chica

Butterfly73 said...

I would love to see more videos bc it seems that your hair is very much like my texture, but yours is much longer. It will give me inspiration to not cut it down and keep it twa...I want it to get bigger and longer.
Yup...and I went and bought the Giovanni 50/50 bc of you. lol
So I am going to try that out this time around.
Plus i think your stories are cool.

nina-belle said...

hey i read your blog constantly and i LOVE it! can you support my new blog, i'm about to go BC is next week (so nervous! lol) and i'm going to be updating on my progress.

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