Monday, May 11, 2009

Twists, Out

After a week of oohs and ahhs and a handful of questions, I finally took out my sexi FlexiTwists last night. I have to say, I was surprised by the way the twists were received by other folks -- they love 'em!

On Wednesday, I walked into work and literally stopped productivity. The co-workers gathered around and asked how I did my hair and told me how cool they thought it was. My roommate's little sister confessed that she took a closer look when I fell asleep. (It's okay, though. She's so cute and I heart her.)

All this because I got bored last Monday and wanted to do a hair experiment. "Happy accident" is what my friend Kelly calls such things.

Alas, a week elapsed and I had to take the twist outs. Mostly because a) I was getting not-so-sexy frizz, and b) some of them actually started unraveling themselves. (My hair is easily manipulated and yet, refuses to hold a style. I think it's passive-aggressive.)

So now I sit here with a fuzzy puff, wondering what to do next. "Twists!" says the teeny voice in my hair. (No, not my head. My hair.) But my arms are not happy about the prospect of another 6-hour project. And even if they were, my head would not be happy about the prospect frizz and fall-out.

And so I turn you, friends. You've helped me out before and I think you can help me again. How do I do my twists faster? And how do I make them last longer? (A note: My hair will frizz if you so much as blink at it. So I need some creative suggestions here.)

Leave your thoughts below.


Butterfly73 said...

I don't really know but other blogs always say to seal the ends w/shea butter and make sure you either sleep on satin pillowcase (or a silk scarf pinned on pillow).

sabrina said...

I don't worry about how long my twists take, but I do them when I'm sure I won't be rushed. Pop in a movie or watch the train wreck that is VH1 and start twisting. It depends on how small I want them, but I can get done in less than two hours now. As far as lasting longer, if you find a way, please let me know. Mine always feel like they're going to lock at any minute after about a week.

Rebekka Pierre said...

I've read that you can braid the root part of a twist a few times, then continue down the rest of the hair as a twist. That helps twists last longer. hth

keisha said...

my hair is prone to frizziness, too, so i can only get a good week out of my twists. although, my most recent set could have lasted two weeks. i used coconut and castor oils to moisturize every few days, and i didn't have to refresh during the week like i normally do. i slept in a satin bonnet tied down with a silk scarf to minimize friction.

you may also want to consider doing larger twists to cut down on time. if i spent six hours twisting my hair, i'd want it to last at least two weeks plus a week as a twist out. it takes me a little more than an hour to set my hair in twists, and i have thick APL-BSL stretched hair.

p.s. i'm new to your blog and so far i'm loving it!

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