Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beyond Hair: Support Contradiction Dance

Hey all.

Some of you know, aside from work and, well, hair, a big part of my life is dance. Actually, a HUGE part of my life is dance. Even to the point where my apartment is nicknamed the Dancer's Halfway House (lol). Anywhoo, after all these years performing and teaching, I find myself learning again, with a studio here in D.C. called Contradiction Dance.

Contradiction Dance has become a vital part of the city's dance community and arts community as a whole. I'm now a member of Contradiction's second resident dance company, MASSIVE ATTACK (which has added a world of rehearsals and performances to my life, which is why I've been so busy lately!). I've been dancing since I was 13, but every time I'm in this beautiful studio, I feel like a child again, exploring space, movement and the ways my body can fly. My baby sister has benefited here too, along with a host of other kids, teenagers and adults... moms, dads, grandmothers, you name it. Contradiction has become a haven. And artists know what it's like to find a haven -- you find the ability to wonder, to experiment, to explore and to soar.

This haven has been presented with a chance to become a permanent fixture in our community -- the owner of the building is offering to ensure that Contradiction can stay in its space for a long time to come. Part of the agreement is to pay a portion of the rent up front. The offer is all too generous, but our time frame is tight. We have to make our payment by June 1st.

This where I'm turning to you -- especially the artists and creative spirits out there -- for your support. I'm asking you to take a moment and donate $10 to keep this haven vibrant and alive. That's it. Just $10. Many of us (me included) will run out to pick up a hair lotion or cream because we saw it on the blogs or on YouTube, not knowing whether it will work or not. Now I'm asking you support something I can truly say is a wonderful thing, something that I 110-percent believe in. The arts aren't vital only to artists -- they're vital to an entire community.

Please click below to donate to Contradiction Dance. It would make me so happy, more happy than any compliment I could ever get about hair or this blog. .. because it's bigger than just me. Your support would allow us all to keep dancing.

Thank you.


See Contradiction Dance on YouTube.


Simone Say's™ said...

Hi! I'm SO SO SUPER new to this natural thing and I need some guidance! So new, that I did my BigChop... 3 hours ago! lol Hopefully you and some others will be able to assist me on my journey! btw... you remind me of my dance teacher, and you've got me really considering a trip to DC to see this company soon!

Koos said...

I live in the DC area, and I've wanted to dance MY WHOLE LIFE! I'm so old now though, so I doubt I can learn...but I'd love to check them out!

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