Wednesday, February 18, 2009

V-Style: Work Day Updo

I bought a pair of Goody updo claws a few weeks back and tried to use one in my dense, unaltered hair.

"Ha ha," said the curls. "Very funny."

Luckily the claw is very fond of the twist-out. And the twist-out loves it back. Which is what gave me my style for the day.

I don't have any detailed instructions except to roll the hair upward and stick in the clip. The claw is rather wide and has three sets of hungry teeth, so it does all the work. I only used one bobby pin -- inserted on its side at the crown -- to give me a little more lift there. (Again, this did NOT work on my hair in it's naturally thick state. For that, I'd need an army of bobby pins... The big ones.)

So yeah. This little contraption has earned its place in my hair drawer. Score one for the claw.


Bronze Trinity said...

It looks so good! Its perfect! I have so many things I bought to do updos...and i don't use any of them because they never work the way I want. This clip looks beautiful in your hair and it doesn't look like it will snag the hair at all.

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Wow!!! I just found your site and your hair is gorgeous. I love that clip!!! I actually have one similar to that one, but its much smaller. That's perfect for your style. I love it!!!!

Karen said...

I like it. The updo claw is very cute with your hair. I wish I could do that with my loc's. It would be a serious tug of war... lol. But its very cute on you.

Thomgrlisdebra said...

Your hair is just the style I have been looking for. I had asked the Lord to give me a low-maintenance, no heat style and "textured updo" came to my mind. I am going with that and I thank Him for leading me to your blog.


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