Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Evolving the Blog

So this blog has only been around for a little bit, but I've been thinking about exactly what purpose I want it to serve. I'm trying to figure out how to make it better and more useful to the people that stop by.

I had a revelation at work. We were talking about blogs and discussing how some people share waaaaay too much information. My co-worker (and the London Times) expressed discomfort at Erykah Badu's Twittered account of her child's birth last week. I laughed, wondering who needed to know all that information. Then I thought... who really needs to know what shampoo I use? Do y'all care? The more I think about it, the more feel like sharing my step-by-step grooming process isn't really making the world go 'round. I need to do something that serves more of a purpose. I need more cowbell.

So friends, what would be helpful for you? I want to start finding more styles and style inspirations (a move inspired by my frustation last night). What questions do you still have about caring for your natural hair? What kind of discussions do we need to have? I don't know all the answers, but I can start the search.


Nicole said...

My simple answer to your question is EVERYTHING, haha. I'd like to discuss hair typing, just simply because I don't get it and for the life of me cannot figure out what "type" my hair is. I personally struggle with moisture retention (not as much since discovering the wonders of castor oil) and what that means exactly...I get the soft 'n manageable part, everyone wants that, but are we also talking shiny and curl definition? How soft it too soft and how do you avoid it? Are we talking about growth? What does moisturized hair look like? I feel like I should know this stuff, but...I don't.

What products are the best moisturizers, why do so many of them have bad/harmful components in them, why do salons charge so much is natural hair really that scary???

I also, like you, have style frustrations, more so now than before since my hair is a tad longer. Besides my typical curly fro, I have styling block. I know protective styles are kind of preferred, but I really like free styles and feel limited.

Your struggles and frustrations are also the struggles and frustrations of a bunch of naturals out there, not to be banal or anything. Sorry, this is like the beginnings of a dissertation so I will stop myself here.

Miss Marche said...

Aww, Nicole. Lol. Don't worry about starting a dissertation -- I like reading, so it's all good.

I have the same questions you have, so I've been on a quest these past few weeks to find the answers through reading and through practicing on my own hair. As for typing... chile, there's got to be a better way! Lol! But anywhoo, I hear you, and I will be actively digging and discerning to sort out what's what on the hair front. And as for styles... It's your lucky day! That one thing I KNOW I can help with right now, and so those will be coming soon. :o)

Bronze Trinity said...

I would like to read reviews of the products you use, descriptions of the way you style your hair and new things you are trying, historical information about Black hair, photos and comments about beautiful natural hair, tips for healthy hair, rants about styling or what people have said about your hair, comments about celebrities, comments on society, and anything having to do with natural hair.

Miss Marche said...

So... in a word... everything. Lol.


Bronze Trinity said...

Yes everything. I can't get enough. Its so strange that I spend so much time learning about natural hair. Its like a hobby. For me its not about fashion or make-up, its all about the hair!

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