Friday, February 13, 2009

If You Like It, Then You Need to Put A Bonnet On It....

I've been impressed by a lot of tips and tricks these last few weeks -- coconut oil, castor oil, deep treatments and drying techniques. But there's been one unsung hero of my happy hair travels.

My bonnet.

Yup, the ugly but oh-so-important bonnet. I've had a thin, slinky black one for a number of years now, but on the suggestion of CurlyNikki (the woman is a guru, I swear), I set out to find a sturdier, double-layered one from Sally Beauty Supply.

Don't let the romantic picture fool you -- this thing is hideous on your head. But, better to be hideous in your sleep than out in public, right? This particular kind of bonnet is amazing ay preserving the shape and moisture of my hair, and I believe its due to the double-layer construction: satin on the inside, chiffon on the outside.

With the thin, black bonnet, I had to be careful of how I slept, because I'd inevitably wake up with one side smushed. But with this heavy-duty one (as "heavy-duty" as a frilly hair bonnet could get), my hair maintains its round shape.

So in the morning, after showering and washing my face, I slip it off, shake out my hair (with my fingers at the roots), and get to' steppin'.

Day-three hair has never been so happy. :o)


Natakue said...

hmmm...double layered, you say? gotta check it out.

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