Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl Silky

You know whose hair I want?


That's Troy Palomalu, safety for the world champion Pittsburgh Steelers. (GO STEELERS!!!) He's 27, he came out of USC, and he's an all-around badass on the football field. (And yes, he was in that Coke commercial too.)

I spent Super Sunday at ESPN Zone with the Girls and a few boys, and Gawd-al-mighty, what an emotional night. If you're a football fan, you KNOW that was a game to rival all games. I'm a Pittsburgh native, so of course I went home happy. But I also went home with a new hair idol.

I don't know what's more gorgeous -- him, his hair, or his ... equipment. (Okay, I have a thing for football players. Sue me.) But the curls are his most obvious trademark -- that, and the way he mows down people on the field.

He keeps his hair long out of respect for his Samoan heritage... and, as he told Agence France-Presse, "I do it for all the bald men over 40." He says he hasn't had a haircut in seven years.

Oh, and if you're wondering if keeping long hair is an occupational hazard in a contact sport, don't worry. Troy's only been pulled down by his hair once, and he said it didn't hurt.

Of course, I can't gush about one Super Bowl cutie without talking about another, Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald. (I think he would have snagged MVP had the Cardinals won.) His speed, his agility, and his gorgeous locks were all on full display Sunday night. And while I'm a Pittsburgh fan, I could not get mad at anyone rooting for him.

Who else is out there? Who are some other NFL cuties with hair to die for?


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