Monday, February 2, 2009

Shine On

Today my curls are impossibly glossy. EEEEE! Can you feel my excitement? I'd post a picture, but my digital camera sucks, and my other option -- my cameraphone -- went for a swim in a cup of water yesterday. So, right now I'm just trusting that you'll take me at my word.

It's gotta be the coconut oil. Today, after washing and deep conditioning with the Elasta QP's Deep Penetrating Remoisturizer, I "styled" as usual with my COM (conditioner of the moment), Organix Vanilla Silk. But then, I took an extra step and sealed for the first time, using coconut oil. (Sealing is essentially applying an oil on top of your moisturizer or leave-in, in order to "seal" the moisture in -- I learned that from CurlyNikki.) I slicked a bit over each section of hair, from root to end, and tousled everything into place. After a few minutes under the hooded dryer, my ringlets came out bouncy AND super shiny... and smelling like coconut. So it's a win on all counts.

I swear, this stuff is the nectar of tropical goddesses.


monia said...

Hi there,
I have been reading your blog, and i am wondering when you seal your hair with coconut oil, does it feel greasy when dry?

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