Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Straight Rebellion

Today's instant message from Tara:

"So, I straightened my hair on Sunday so that I could trim my ends...i only made it one day wearing it straight....simply couldn't take it, lol!"

I laughed out loud when I saw this -- I'd just done the same thing the day before.

For some naturals, even the thought of going straight sends us into a tizzy. And it's not because we're straight-haters... we're just madly in love with the curls.

Think I'm playing? Let's talk about last June, when I went to a great salon on U Street to have my hair conditioned, trimmed and deep-treated -- and straightened in the process. I paid $85 for the visit, and came out flipping my hair, looking fly...

... and then I went home and dumped my head in the sink.

I couldn't help it. I wanted to see what the curls felt like with a fresh trim and treatment.

What about you? Have you ever straightened your hair, only to end up feeling like a mad woman because you can't play in your coils till your next wash? Discuss!


Bronze Trinity said...

It hasn't happened to me yet because I just became natural. But I don't think I would want anyone to see me with straight hair just in case they say the dreaded "Your hair looks so nice straight, you should always wear it that way". I want everyone to know that my hair is natural and I'm never going back straight again.

Nicole said...

Which salon did you go to? I'm looking for one that does natural hair sans the straightening though. I've heard of salon revive but that's the only recommendation I've gotten. I'd love to find a place that can do a dry cut.

I've only straightened when my hair and I are engaged in warfare and straightening is the only way I can win. But I find that my straight hair just hangs and it can't hold a style for sh&t. I straighten it much less now and ALWAYS go back to the curls. Actually, I can't understand how I managed all these years without them.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Oh my god! I did this! I went to my friend to have my hair flat ironed and I came home and gave it about 2 hours and washed my hair. I just didn't feel right with straight hair. I felt like an alien.

Once my puff came back, I felt so much better.

Miss Marche said...

Bronze Trinity ~ I didn't know you were newly natural! In that case, don't fret... you'll understand what we're talking about sooner than later. ;-) Meanwhile, I hate those comments too. All the "ooohing" and "ahhing" when I finally straighten makes me wonder... what the heck did y'all think of my hair before?! Alas, it doesn't really matter. I like my hurr regardless.

Nicole ~ In fact, it was Salon Revive. I heard about the stylists there on Hiwot pampered my hair, and then straightened it to get an even cut, which I don't mind at all. They seem to know about curly hair; it's worth asking if they can style without straightening.

God's Favorite ~ It's like such a relief, right?! Hilarious! :o)

teeshai said...

This doesn't have to do with straightening per se...

I had been in the process of locking my hair for the past month... The whole purpose of my blogger ID was to document my locking journey...

I ended up untwisting my hair yesterday because I deeply missed grabbing the kinky goodness of my fro. Some people online are going to be disappointed. But I love my fro so much *hugs hair*

Miss Marche said...

teeshai ~ Awwww! And I'm sure it loves you back, no matter what style it's in. :o)

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