Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hat Trick

What do you put on your head on those snowy winter days? You know, the days where you actually have to leave the house?

I was faced with the dilemma for the first time today -- and maybe it seemed to be a bigger dilemma than usual because I'd just washed and styled my hair yesterday. (Still bouncy! Still shiny! Eeeeee!)

But when I woke up this morning and saw a circus of heavy, wet snowflakes dancing to the ground, I had to think quickly. I tried the scarf-around-the-head thing -- no dice, I looked like a beggar, and I would have flatted my curls. Then I briefly considered going without anything on my head, but decided that would only make this pesky cold I have even worse -- and more importantly, the wet snowflakes would have frizzed the heck out of my hair.

Luckily, I remembered the tomato-red wool and mohair beret sitting in my closet. I picked it up from Urban Outfitters a few years back when berets were first becoming popular... and just never wore it. It wasn't the perfect choice because it has no lining and could dry out my hair if left on too long (heaven forbid!), but it was the only choice I had. When it comes to hats, the bigger your hair, the smaller your options.

The fuzzy beret did its job, getting my curls to work safely and intact. And while I was on the Metro, I thought about adding my own lining to the hat so I wouldn't have to work about about hat frizz. But I also wondered... what other options do we naturals have? It's gets cold in DC, and we have to cover our heads too! I love a cute beret, but is that our only choice for warmth without hat-head?

What do you do on a snow day?


Bronze Trinity said...

This is a problem for me too. I sometimes wear a satin or polyester scarf over my head and then put my hat on. Its easy to remove once I'm indoors.

Anonymous said...

i love 180s - they're ear muffs that go around the back of your neck instead of over the top of your head.

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