Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When Hair Makes Headlines

You gotta love when you make headlines for changing your hairstyle.

First Lady Michelle Obama switched it up yesterday when the White House hosted a country music concert in the East Room. The day included a morning workshop for students, and is the second in a series of arts and education programs that the first lady launched last month.

But of course, people couldn't ignore the hair.

On "Michelle Obama Shows Off New 'Do"

From Us Magazine: "Michelle Obama Debuts Sleek New 'Do."

And on the Daily Mail: "Stylish Michelle Obama Shows Off Elegant New Bob." (This piece also has a cool pitctorial of Shelly's past hairstyles.)

The funny part is that it's unclear whether she even cut her hair. It's possible she just pulled it back... just like she did a few months ago when she visited the Department of Transportation. Everyone fell out of their seats thinking she'd made a date with some scissors. But really, she simply styled her hair away from her face.

It's amusing. And it's one of the few times where I want to say, "Geez, people... it's just hair."


Once upon a time said...

The 'do is lovely, but her makeup is even nicer! I love the blush she's using.. very flattering.

A. Spence said...

you know people always fascinated with AA hair!

Bronze Trinity said...

Maybe they are not used to the idea that Black women like to change their hair a lot. Sometimes I can't recognize my friends until they are right in my face because they dramatically change their hair all the time. Its a common thing but to most non-Black people its unusual because they rarely change their hair.

Nicole said...

There is also a crazy addiction to length or the lack thereof for a large number of black women, including myself. Attempt to take a pair of shears to my hair and see what happens, lol!

Actually, if you look at the Getty image from the DailyMail it does look like she just pulled it back and tucked it under.

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