Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back Again... With Happy Lips :-)

Hey chicas,

I know it's been a minute, but this past week has truly been a sad one, with the passing of someone that was so important in all of our lives -- especially mine. But I'm back now, with "Off The Wall" in constant rotation in my iPod, smiling and happy again. Peace is a wonderful thing.

Anywhoo, I needed to tell you about a little gem of a find I picked up in Target the other day. My lips have been EXTREMELY DRY since I misplaced my pot of Neutrogena Honey Rescue Lip Balm. I mean, just dreadful. But when I went to pick up a replacement pot, I found out -- my precious Honey Rescue is discontinued.




Are you serious?! My world has been turned topsy-turvy and worst of all, my LIPS ARE DRY! It's unacceptable. Simply unacceptable.

Luckily, a little fairy whispered in my ear and made me pick up Milani's tiny $4 tube of Crystal Gloss for Lips. And finally, my kisser is returning to normal. It doesn't give the same intense nourishment of Honey Rescue (which forever will be the prototype), but it gives better moisture than most other glosses that just sit on top of the lips, even if they're cracked. (Don't you hate that? It's so gross.)

I picked up a tube in Whisper, and it gives my lips a great, baby pink shine without looking washed out. There are a bunch of other shades, and I've read that "Serendipity" is supposed to be a decent dupe for MAC's "Oh Baby."

What about you? Have you found any replacements for discontinued favorites?


Butterfly73 said...

I love Oh Baby...been using it longer than I want to mention. lol
Where can I find this Serendipity?

HauteHairGurl said...

Dag I didn't even know about the Honey balm, sounded great! I'll have to look for this in my local drugstore.
OT, I saw the video you posted for the relaunch of The Coil Review. I've been trying to view the new site and keep getting a log-in screen. Have you had any success in viewing it? Sorry to post it here but I didn't see a 'Contact Me' link.

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