Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Veronica's Style Arsenal

Every curly girl worth her coil knows she needs to have a cache of tools on hand to pull off her signature styles. I have a collection of pins, bands and combs that I call my Style Arsenal. It all sits to the right of my bedroom dresser, making for easy access, especially when I'm on the go.

This particular selection of tools allows me pull off any style I can think of before heading out the door. And it ensures, at the very least, that I never have a bad hair day. (You can check out the YouTube version of this post here.)


A spray bottle is key to keeping hair hydrated while styling. Filled with water or the right mixture of products (mine has water and Giovanni Direct leave-in), the spray bottle becomes a KEY aid in styling hair. It's better than using most commercial styling sprays, because they can dry quickly and leave flakes or build-up on the hair. Moistening hair with your own personalized mixture of water and conditioner will make it easier to detangle, braid and style.


A wide-toothed comb detangles hair, making it easier to braid, cornrow or flat-twist for a style. Start at the ends of the hair and work your way up when combing.

The tail on the end of a rat-tail comb is useful for making parts without tangling the hair. I DO NOT use the rat-tail comb for any reason other than parting. My hair will cry out in anguish if I try.


Skinny headbands are one of the most versatile tools to have. You can do puffs, ponytails and updos -- all with a simple band. Use them as they are to simply pull hair off the face, or double one up to form puffs and ponytails. It's insanely easier than trying to bobby-pin an entire head of hair into place. But don't count out pins just yet...


Bobby pins are key in allowing you to add detail to your style.

Small bobby pins hold small sections of hair in place. If you want to hold down an individual braid or secure a flat-twist, these are indispensible.

I've never used a roller pins to pin down rollers, but I have an arsenal of them to pin down my hair. They secure medium to large sections of hair.

Curved wrap pins are the unsung heroes of the hair pin world -- they're larger than bobby and roller pins and are capable of holding a lot of hair in place. They're particularly effective on thick and textured hair. Criss-cross two of these (or two of any kind of pins) for secure holding power.

So there you have it ladies... the simple tools in my personal styling arsenal. What about you? What do you rely to create cool styles with your hair?


sabrina said...

Where do you get those wrap pins?

Butterfly73 said...

The wrap pins look like the large size bobby pins when you get doobies.

I'm in between a TWA and a larger afro...and pins come in handy.

Lion-ess said...

I need to get some spray bottles!

Miss Marche said...

sabrina ~ I've gotten them at CVS, and beauty supply stores. I have the Hype Hair brand right now, but I think Conair also makes them.

Butterfly73 ~ That's EXACTLY was they are. :-)

Lion-ess ~ CVS, girl! Get on it! :-)

BTheSTylist said...

Where can I get the skinny headbands?

Miss Marche said...

BTheSTylist ~ Pretty much anywhere you can get hair accessories... CVS, Walgreens, Target, even Bed Bath and Beyond. They usually come in packs of 9 or 12.

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