Friday, July 3, 2009

I Say It's My Birthday...!

I'm celebrating my 26th today, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

It's only 11 a.m., and I've already gotten a cake, a singing card, a dancing e-card, a bouquet of sunflowers and a huge brownie in the shape of a "V." (Thanks, friends, co-workers and roomies!) Oh, and also a text message from my brother saying "Happy 52nd"... hardy har har.

Each time I celebrate a birthday, I like to celebrate life itself, because it's so fleeting and such a blessing. Last year, I lost a dear friend the day before my 25th. This year, I lost one of my personal icons a week before my 26th. So I say to you, friends and readers, never take your days on this earth for granted. Every day with sunshine is another day to celebrate.

And now, for some b-day body-shaking... :o)

Shake Your Body - The Jacksons


Sunshinelovespeace said...

Happy Birthday! 26 is an awesome age. It's the "6" of the twenties. Like 'Sweet 16' now you're 'Sassy 26'.

Enjoy it! My 26th has been the best year so far.


Miss Fizzy said...

Happy birthday! Mine is in 4 days :)

kinky haired girl said...

happy birthday! :)

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Well happy birthday!!! Hope you have many blessings for this year.

Ms. Crystal said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Butterfly73 said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Afia said...

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy!

Samantha McSween said...

Happy belated 26th :)
I just turned 26 too last month!
Hope you had a blessed day.

His Daughter said...

Hey girl i celebrated my 25th birthday on July 3rd too! Yay! for july babies hehe, happy belated b-day girl, sounds you like had a crazy awesome birthday all the best, i pray God bless you with many more

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