Monday, June 15, 2009

A Thought: "All That Hair!"

I know naturals talk a lot about envying other women's hair, and how you should love your own. But is it a bad thing when you start to envy... your own hair?

I guess I should explain. I've found myself coveting my hair from a few years back. Like, I get this kind of "darn it!" feeling when I'm looking at old pictures.

Miami, 2005

Christmas, 2006

Alpha Phi Omega event, 2006 (HUGE hair)

Night in Philly, 2006

The layered bob of January '08...

...which translated into the curly crop.

Now, I have to say I loved the short cut bob. But the blunt cut eventually grew out and simply looked strange on my textured hair, so I had it layered six months later. And then I took the scissors to my head again in January, just before I started this blog, to get rid of the dyed ends that had grown out. And now I'm due for another trim, because it turns out that the self-cut left my ends horribly uneven. (Note to self: Some things I should just leave to a professional. Lol.) Of course now, when my hair is relatively short, I find all these styling options for big curly hair! The nerve!

It really doesn't bother me -- okay, it does juuuuust a little bit. I'd be lying if I said didn't wish to have my hair back so I could make these great, full styles that I keep seeing nowadays. But clearly obsessing over length is counterproductive, because we all know that hair thrives best when it's simply left alone.

Still... that said... I want my hair back.

*sigh* If I leave it, it will come....


goldenchica said...

Wow, I know exactly what you mean! I permed my hair after being natural my whole life because I didn't know how to style it to look "grown up" and then I found all these sites with all these great ideas and so I BC'd and now I'm just dreaming of being back to where I was...I keep looking at old pictures and thinking, "What the heck did I think was wrong with my hair?" LOL...anyway, at least I know that by the time I graduate in two years, I'll be back to living it up au naturale

Laquita said...

Lol great post. I do the same thing. The sad thing about it is I used to do it with hairstyles. I would spend hours putting in braids then step outside and see someone with their hair out or like you a week or so later see an old picture of my hair out and then proceed to takedown my hours of work :o( - Of course this can not be done with hair that is cut (well actually weaves can be put in) - but I always find myself missing shorter hair I read so many posts on people asking when their hair is going to grow out from their twa or short afro - and I actually envy their lenght. But I know the day after I cut my hair (this is the first year I have not cut my hair) I will want it long again :o)

journiemajor said...

Man I know the feeling. I'm finally getting back to my "Rudy Huxtable" hair, that I pretty much lost ohhh about 20-ish years ago with my first perm. But yeah that's the good thing, when you start to take care of it, and let people who know what they're doing do the big stuff, it can get back to its glory.

Jess Jones said...

Love the curly crop! Looks great on you! And Yes I can relate. (Esp with the cutting the hair yourself...just did that AGAIN...always an oopsie!)

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