Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sisterhood of the Spiraling Strands: Jessica

Don't you hate her? I try to, but she's so sweet, I can't bring myself to do it. :o) I met Jessica about three years ago at my first NABJ conference. Learn more about her below.


Age 25
Freelance Journalist/
Grad Student
Brooklyn, NY
(photo by Richard Loussaint)

Describe the fabulousness of your hair.

I have a head of semi soft, blackish (yet red in the sun) pencil-width curls that at times touch the nape of my neck and at other times reach my back. They're defined when I first wash and style, but then, through out the week, they expand to a frizzy fro'.

What's your favorite thing about your hair?
I like that I only have to wash it once a week (maybe I shouldn't be broadcasting that). And there is no maintenance involved. When I used to have straight hair, I would spend at least an hour every day touching up the roots and ends. Now I just...well I wake up and that's about it.

What's your favorite product to use? Why is it great?
In the past I used Miss Jessie's curly pudding. But then I got with it and realized that I wasn't balling like that and had to stop. Now I use Eco Styler Alcohol Free Protein Gel (the brown one). It has the same effect as Miss Jessies but for 1/25 of the price. I use natural shampoo and lots of conditioner in the shower. Then once I get out I put some olive oil in my hair. Then I put on the gel, which helps hold the curl, and let it dry.

What's your favorite style to rock?
Mmmm. I beem really unoriginal lately and just doing the down doo. I am in dire need of some new styles though.

How long have you been natural? And how did you get there?
Wow. I think it has been four or five years now. I had a Japanese perm for a year (called thermal reconditioning). My hair was really long but the only way to get the perm out was to cut it all off. People said I was crazy and couldn't believe I would do that. But I was ready to embrace what god gave me. There was no stopping me from discovering my true beauty.

How would you describe your hair's personality?
Good question. My hair has multiple personality disorder. It literally looks different everyday. Right after I wash it is stiff and flat, and the curls are very defined. Then after a couple days it poofs out and starts to get frizzy, but there is still a lille bit of curl. By day four and five it is way poofed out and very frizzy, but in a funky way. By day six and seven it is one big poof and it starts locking up. Then it's time for a w-a-s-h!

What have you learned about yourself or your hair?
That I looked better this way all along and I wish I would have embraced my natural beauty a long time ago. But you live and you learn.

What has surprised you most?
That if you never straighten your natural hair your curls will look SO much better and be more defined. It also eliminates a lot of frizz.

What are you still trying to learn?
Where I can get a decent haircut without getting my locks effed up. I live in Brooklyn. Holla at me if you know!

And finally, tell us your favorite part about being natural. :o)
There are so many things (not being afraid of the rain). But I definitely love the comradery I have with other natural haired girls. There is a certain understanding there and it usually warrants an acknowledgment and a smile.

Jessica with the rest of the SquareRootz crew (photo by Richard Loussaint)

A reasonable-enough hiding place.

Blow-dryer + afro pick = big ass hair.

Jessica is one of the founders of SquareRootz, a lifestyle and media web site based in New York. Check out for more.


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Sunshinelovespeace said...

She is such a cutie. Love the hair! I feel like her....I look so much better with natural hair.


mello-smooth. said...

omgsh i loveee her hair! i can`t wait to my hair gets to be that length but i`m years & years away lol.

Jess Jones said...

Veronica you are too cute! I love your writing.

thanks for posting! I love the photos you picked! hehe. Keep up this blog. It is great.

Jess Jones said...

cute name for the column too!

nina-belle said...

wow such beautiful hair! love it!

ashleyjoy said...
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ashleyjoy said...

"That if you never straighten your natural hair, your curls will be much more defined...and it eliminated a lot of frizz." THANK YOU JESS! I feel like I tell this to women who straighten their hair ALL THE DAMN TIME and they don't believe me. But it's like, you really have no idea what your natural hair looks like, straight from the root (no pun intended), without being manipulated! This is why the BIG CHOP is necessary!

Go my natural sistas!!! Keep rockin' it!!!

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