Monday, June 8, 2009

Bed Bath and Beyond: Beauty Emporium?

I don't know anyone who frequents Bed Bath and Beyond nearly as much as I do. And no, that's not because I have some addiction to shams and duvet covers. Last year, I discovered the BB&B actually has quite the extensive beauty department. I'm talking every makeup, body, and hair care brand that you find in the drugstore, and even some brands that you only find in salons and spas.

There's a store near my house, and also one near my job, and both stay full stocked with lipsticks, lotions and leave-ins. I've even found Giovanni, Mizani and CurlFriends products there. And it's quite incredible for anyone who walks into the store only expecting to see sheets.

Not only do they offer a wide product selection, but the prices are rather wallet-friendly. Products there are often a dollar or so cheaper than you would find in a drugstore, or even in Target. It's so bad now that I think BB&B is my new addiction. But I figure I can atone for it by telling you guys about the wonderfulness of it all.

Do you have your own surprise beauty spots? Tell us about them.


nina-belle said...

Marshall's most definitely!! the product selection can be random at times and they usually dont have more than a few bottles/packages of each product, they are definitely good for hair products for much cheaper prices (example CHI products). and great smelling bath/body stuff too!

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