Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No-Poo Jillipoo's Kick in the Curl

Ever get upset because a product didn't seem to work? Ever find yourself disappointed in a supposed "holy grail"? Ever wanted to throw out every single product you've ever bought? Well, No-Poo Jillipoo has a few words for you.

Get it together.

The curly blogger, also known as Botticelli Babe, has a great post up on why a lot of curlies end up despising products -- it's because we're using them wrong! From her post:
It's my contention that most of us are either not honest about our hair or we expect too much of products. Let's take a little quiz, shall we? Give yourself one point for every "yes" answer.

1. Do you mix or layer more than two products (yes, this includes leave-in)?
2. Have you ever used a product marketed for hair that was different than your own?
3. Are you especially frugal with application? Or especially generous?
4. Do you see photos of other people's hair and think it looks like yours, only to have a friend point out that it doesn't resemble your hair at all?
5. Do you drift in and out of the Curly Girl regimen, tossing in silicones willy nilly and using sulfate shampoos here and there?

If you got more than three points in that test, pour yourself a glass of water -- it's time for you to swallow a large and uncomfortable reality pill.
Jill goes on to list a number of reasons why your products may not be working well: using too many products ("Manufacturers have no idea that you use a conditioner, a leave-in, a gel, and a serum in conjunction with their product," Jill says), buying something that's not designed for your hair, using too much or too little product, or simply not being honest about what your hair will and won't do.

Jill gives number of tips to help you get out of the trap of product disappointment. In fact, I'm going to try one of her tips tonight (using a product alone to see what it does) with my SheaMoisture leave-in. Check out the entirety of Jill's post here.


Lion-ess said...

Good advice

Butterfly73 said...

She aint never lie...I've layered products, use not enough, used too much (old school heavy handed style) on my lil twa.
I'm still trying to figure that quarter size means just that - like a quarter.
Nice post.

Sage Vivant said...

Thank you, Miss Marche! Glad you enjoyed the post! (Also, I don't go by Botticelli Babe anymore, since there's a woman who now makes her own products and uses that name. So, I let her have it. The name, that is.)

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