Friday, January 16, 2009

Your Results: Egg Conditioner

Have you tried using an egg conditioner on your hair? What kind of recipe did you use? Did you like the results? What would you do differently? Comment below!


Sei'Lani Britagne said...

I tried it one time. i used one egg, a cheapy conditioner and some mago * lime jamaican island oil and mixed it and co washed with it. I don't think I liked it too much because it left lots of hard knots I ended up have to physically cut off. I couldn't finger comb them out or use a comb to get it out. Horrible.

I was scared of all the protein so I just put it in and smoothed it and rinsed it out. My hair got immediately hair even after moisturizing conditioning and like I said left knots and tangles.
If hair needs protein like relaxed girls, it's probably good but I wouldn't do it again. Those knots were just tooo much for me to deal with

Rebekka Pierre said...

I did an egg, Suave condish, and olive oil deep condition this past weekend. It was fine. Just make sure to rinse in cool water-- unless you like semi-cooked eggs in your hair! lol I have fine thin hair so the occasional protein treatment does my hair good.

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