Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hair of the Day: Power Puff

I usually avoid the Puff at all costs -- mostly because I have large forehead, but also for other reasons that I'll explain later. But this morning I got the bright idea to try it with a bang.

I know, I know, that's nothing new to a lot of naturals, but the curly bang always looked kinda weird on me. Those few front curls were always a little too big and a little too bouncy. So when I tried them before, it looked less like a bang and more like the result of an electrical shock.

But wouldn't you know, the curls in the front behaved today. Most likely, it's because I styled this weekend with a moisturizing cream rather than a conditioner. The result -- my hair formed a more moisturized and controlled version of its pencil-width curls, rather than clumping into larger, marker-width coils, as it usually does with a conditioner.

So here it is, the first puff that I don't feel like hiding. I paired with some geometric, dangly earrings balance the height of the puff, and to keep from looking too schoolgirl-ish. And just for kicks and giggles, I took this side view shot -- and suddenly realized how big my puff really is.

Let it never be said that a ponytail can't make a statement. :o)


Miranda said...

You look beautiful in that style! :)

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